Support Coordination/Social Work Services – Rehability Australia

If you have a plan through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), we offer support co-ordination services via Rehability Australia. Talk with your NDIS LAC about obtaining a Request For Service (RFS).

We service the Southern Downs community, providing a range of services including:

Specialist Support Coordination (Level 3):

Social Workers at Rehability Australia are skilled, with professional qualifications and expertise relating to treating and addressing complex disability needs. Our work is carried out within a Specialist Framework to deliver an informed and targeted approach to time-sensitive, assessment and service delivery.

With a long history navigating the disability sector and working with complex client needs to increase their functional capacities, we have extensive experience connecting complex clients with their community and work towards building strength and resilience in individuals.

  • Addressing any barriers to receiving support
  • Reducing complexity
  • Connecting you to the necessary support services
  • Building your capacity and resilience
  • Developing an intervention plan if necessary, to be put in place by disability support workers

Coordination of Supports (Level 2)

A capacity building support to implement all supports in a participant’s plan, including informal, mainstream, community and funded supports. Support coordinators work creatively and resourcefully with participants in how they utilise their support budgets to achieve their goals. Our social workers are accredited under highly structured ethical standards and strict protocols and raise the bar in terms of quality of service for Support Coordination.

Identifying Suitable Housing Solutions | Exploring Housing:

Rehability Australia are specialised in working with people living with disability to define and source housing options.  We can support you to determine the best option available and work with you to prepare, negotiate, transition into new accommodation and maintain your accommodation and housing needs.

Social Work and the NDIS

ndis service providers

Professional expertise:

Social workers have a long history working extensively in the Australian disability sector.

We apply a person-centred approach and maintain a duel focus on empowering and improving individuals, and navigating inequality, injustice and discrimination that may exist for individuals within systems and structures.

This enables Social workers to facilitate social change and development, create social cohesion, and empower and liberate individuals through skill and capacity building, unlike any other profession.

Truly Independent:

We are committed to providing individuals with independent advice and guidance towards reaching their goals and help them to build their capabilities with a targeted, person-centred approach.

Our proven track record, professional reputation and passion for improving the lives for people living with a disability make us the perfect partners for NDIS participants seeking to maximise their capacity building experience.

Social Work Services

When a plan includes funding for Capacity Building Supports, you can access a variety of Allied Health provided services, including social work.

Our independent Social Work Services are NDIS registered to deliver the following support areas:

Improved Daily Living (Therapeutic Supports):

Our Social Workers are able to identify and develop a range of interventions to improve well-being, family/personal relationships and psychosocial outcomes. Our social workers are trained to work with individuals and families to assess, support, maintain and/or improve functional capacities of individuals through ongoing, long -term intervention or short-term, high risk and complex needs management.

To access NDIS support through the Rehability Australia Warwick Office call 07 4667 0171 or email to enquire about availability of service.